21.Which of the following most clearly an example of qualitatively

Question : 21.Which of the following most clearly an example of qualitatively : 1418225



21.Which of the following is most clearly an example of qualitatively interpersonal communication?

A.Aubre buys a sweater from a sales clerk.

B.Rich invites the team to a party.

C.Royce asks his friend Jane about her sick child.

D.Aasim pleads for the class to vote.

E.Georgina chats with the mailman.




22.The transactional model of communication is considered a more accurate model than previous ones because

A.people send and receive messages simultaneously.

B.we cannot isolate a single “act” of communication from the event that came before and after it.

C.the communication created results from the way partners interact.

D.none of the above.

E.all of the above.




23.The authors describe some of the social needs we strive to fulfill by communicating as

A.encoding and decoding.

B.control and affection.

C.empathy and sympathy.

D.talking and listening.

E.communicating both verbally and nonverbally.




24.Some of the characteristics that make relationships more interpersonal than impersonal are

A.frequency and proximity of communication.

B.quantity over quality.

C.how important the content of talk is to both of you.

D.uniqueness, irreplaceability, and interdependence.




25.Integrated communicators express themselves in skillful ways because

A.their communication is a self-conscious act.

B.they have had more experience.

C.they have internalized effective behavior.

D.skills are basic to communication.

E.others help them out.




26.Effective communicators have been found to

A.have a consistent set of five behaviors they can call up at will.

B.have a wide range of behaviors from which to choose.

C.exhibit behaviors that are predictable by their partners.

D.exhibit unique behaviors more often than less effective communicators.

E.frequently rehearse about 20 behaviors until they get them right for any interaction.




27.When you pay attention to your behavior in relationships, you are

A.unlikely to pay attention to others.

B.too uptight.

C.probably ego–driven.






28.Identity and communication are related in that we

A.gain an idea of who we are from the way others communicate with us.

B.are drawn to communicators who test and challenge our identity.

C.find others’ identities become our own through communication.

D.control communication with our identity.




29.Which is an example of “noise” as the term is defined in your text?

A.someone tapping a pencil while you’re trying to talk

B.a headache that interferes with you listening

C.feelings of anger directed toward a partner

D.preoccupation with another topic during a lecture

E.all of the above




30.Which is an example of “psychological noise” as defined in your text?

A.the sound of a lawn mower just outside your window

B.the smell of smoke drifting into the room you are in

C.feeling embarrassed about a mistake you made

D.a light flickering on and off during a lecture

E.feeling tired in a meeting





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