21.Which of the following classified as an individual variable pay

Question : 21.Which of the following classified as an individual variable pay : 1405254



21.Which of the following is classified as an individual variable pay plan?

a.Scanlon plan



d.employee stock options




22.After working five years as a service coordinator at BlueBottle Enterprises, Mandy has developed some timesaving shortcuts that allow her to process a higher volume of work than the other service coordinators. If Mandy would train her co-workers in her techniques, the entire department could be more efficient. The performance incentive system that would be LEAST likely to encourage Mandy to share her expertise with her co-workers would be a/an

a.individual-level incentive system.

b.team-based incentive system.

c.organization-level incentive system.

d.Scanlon plan.




23.An individual-level pay-for-performance system would be LEAST effective for which of the following employees?

a.an employee who guts chickens in a poultry processing plant.

b.a sales clerk at a fashionable women’s shoe store.

c.the CEO of a middle-sized builder of manufactured housing.

d.a marketing specialist on a cross-functional product development team.




24.____ is an example of a group or team variable pay system.

a.Sales compensation


c.Employee stock options.

d.Deferred compensation




25.Robert is paid by the number of bicycle tires he attaches to wheel rims. If he attaches more than his daily quota of tires, he receives 25 cents extra per extra tire. Robert is paid under a ____ system.

a.pro-rated bonus

b.differential piece-rate

c.straight piece-rate

d.straight commission




26.A differential piece-rate system pays employees

a.one piece-rate wage for standard production, but less if producing below quota.

b.one piece-rate wage for units produced up to a standard output, and a higher piece-rate wage for units produced over the standard.

c.a higher rate per piece for employees with more experience and seniority.

d.differential wages depending on the differing responsibilities in the production of each unit.




27.When Claudette found a flaw in a major outgoing order and corrected it before it was shipped, her boss immediately gave her a voucher to the best day spa in town. This type of incentive is called an

a.immediate payout.

b.spot bonus.

c.golden handshake.

d.spontaneous reward.




28.The downside of bonuses is that

a.they may cause low performing employees to quit.

b.employees who are passed over may become jealous of the bonus recipient.

c.a well-implemented bonus system may be more expensive to the firm than base pay raises for improved performance.

d.bonuses are too trivial in amount to actually motivate exceptional behavior.




29.Bonuses are less costly to the organization than general wage increases, because

a.bonuses receive preferential tax treatment.

b.the annual amount given as a bonus tends to be smaller than the annual amount given as a raise.

c.bonuses are frequently given in the form of non-cash items.

d.bonuses do not become part of employees' base wages.




30.If a company has an annual competition to reward the store manager with the highest dollar sales in each state with a paid vacation to a luxury resort it will probably

a.improve sales at the stores with the historically lowest dollar sales.

b.help retain the store managers who feel they have a chance to win the award in the upcoming year.

c.encourage teamwork among the store managers.

d.increase morale of most of the store managers.





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