21.The interactionist perspective social stratification stresses the consequences of inequality

Question : 21.The interactionist perspective social stratification stresses the consequences of inequality : 1402681


21.The interactionist perspective on social stratification stresses the consequences of inequality on the equilibrium of society.

22.The increase in blue-collar manufacturing work in the third world has been accompanied by an increase in unemployment in certain regions of the United States.

23.A major trend in the world economy today is the tendency of third world nations to become postindustrial societies.

24.Deference and demeanor serve to reinforce our acceptance of the stratification system.

25.Severe global recessions close the gap between the rich and the poor.

26.War, invasion and conquest are major contributors to global inequality.

27.Progress toward reach the goals set forth by the United Nations in their World Millennium Development Goals has been uneven at best.

28.While China and India have cut their poverty rate virtually in half, areas in sub-Saharan Africa most in need of reducing poverty rates have not made any real progress toward reducing poverty or improving quality of life in recent years.

29.The Industrial Revolution is still occurring in some parts of the world.

30.The production of sugar even today requires extremely dangerous and debilitating labor.

31.Most people in the U.S. believe that their children will be better off than they are.

32.The Russian Revolution kindled hopes of a classless society among impoverished people throughout the world.

33.The world’s poorest 20% account for less than 2% of all private consumption.

34.More than 20% of the United States work force is engaged in agriculture production.



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