21.Technology initiatives need to be evaluated in a variety of

Question : 21.Technology initiatives need to be evaluated in a variety of : 1416003



21.Technology initiatives need to be evaluated in a variety of ways. What are two effectiveness items that are useful in this evaluation process?

a.information satisfaction and system quality

b.information usefulness and system satisfaction

c.system quality and information attitude

d.system satisfaction and information usefulness



22.Which of the following is a property of advanced technologies when the goal is to store and retrieve large amounts of information more quickly and inexpensively?

a.better data storage ability

b.improved transmission ability

c.higher levels of processing ability

d.decision-aiding ability



23.What information technology application contains a personal record of each member of the workforce, including employee name, seniority, classification, employment status, and work history?

a.replacement chart

b.skills inventory

c.organizational chart

d.relational database



24.If an HR manager requires a comprehensive across-the-board software system that integrates subsystems and modules, what does the manager need?







25.What is the first step in selecting a technology solution for HRM?

a.Explore the marketplace.

b.Request a proposal from vendors.

c.Conduct a needs analysis.

d.Evaluate vendors and products.



26.If an organization is interested in trying to link phenomena together in order to detect trends or predict behaviours, what type of reporting should management use?







27.In order for data security systems to be effective, there must be a proper balance between what an individual is expected to divulge and another factor. What is this second factor?

a.what information employment and management decisions require

b.what the security system costs and the known or projected benefits

c.what level of technology acceptance and user satisfaction is expected

d.what the size of the organization is relative to its external environment



28.What three types of security features are used to ensure data security?

a.data field security, record security, and information security

b.row-level security, information security, and system security

c.record security, login security, and data field security

d.login security, row-level security, and field-level security



29.Which concept refers to the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes in light of enabling technologies?

a.activity-based processing

b.process-based forecasting

c.business process re-engineering

d.continuous improvement process



30.When selecting an IT vendor, if an organization wishes to follow a clear agenda that focuses on its needs, how might it achieve this goal?

a.scripted demo

b.request for proposal

c.business intelligence

d.enterprise portal






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