21.Policy analysis used to ____. a.help design alternative courses of action b.select

Question : 21.Policy analysis used to ____. a.help design alternative courses of action b.select : 1774310

21.Policy analysis is used to ____.

a.help design alternative courses of action

b.select a policy

c.seek explanations

d.select right employees

22.Policy analysis is ____.

a.infeasible courses of action

b.the generation of information and collection of evidence of the benefits

c.the consequences that would follow the implementation of various courses of action

d.fluid and does not always “start at the beginning and conclude at the end.”

23.Which of the following is not accurate with respect to ethics and the political aspects of applied research?

a.There is no set of political norms that are agreed upon by all criminal justice researchers.

b.Just as there are codes for ethical conduct for researchers, there are formal codes of accepted political conduct.

c.Ethics of criminal justice research deals more with the methods used while political issues are more concerned with the substance and use of the research.

d.There is no formal code of accepted political conduct.

24.Program evaluation differs from policy analysis with respect to ____.

a.when it occurs in the policy process

b.the cost

c.the time

d.the role of the stakeholder

25.Scientific realism is rooted in the principle that:

a.similar interventions can naturally be expected to have different outcomes in different contexts

b.the success of evaluations depends on the assignment of subjects to experimental and control groups

c.there be equivalence between experimental and control groups before an intervention

d.treatment integrity must be rigorously guarded

26.Dr. Smith is interested in implementing a program that is designed to reduce the recidivism rates of property offenders. He selects two state prisons and, with the blessing of the Department of Corrections, begins the programs in the main state prison for males and a female institution that is nearby. Which design would be best for Dr. Smith to use?

a.non-equivalent groups

b.randomized study

c.interrupted times-series

d.none of these would work

27.Problem solving is a fundamental tool in problem-oriented policing and involves which step?

a.Carefully defined specific problems.

b.Conduct in-depth analysis to understand their causes.

c.Undertake broad searcher for solutions to remove these causes and bring about lasting reductions in problems.

d.All of these answers are correct.

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