21.One of the disadvantages of MBO that managers frequently unable

Question : 21.One of the disadvantages of MBO that managers frequently unable


21.One of the disadvantages of MBO is that managers are frequently unable to give employees feedback on their performance.

22.The three kinds of operational plans are single-use plans, standing plans, and budgets.

23.Standing plans deal with unique, one-time-only events.

24.Budgeting is a critical management task, one that most managers could do better.

25.After realizing how difficult shopping is for visually impaired people, the manufacturer of L’Occitane, a French beauty products company, started printing all of its labels in Braille.  Now that the practice is established, the coding and printing of these labels is an example of a procedure.

26.The three kinds of standing plans are policies, procedures, and rules and regulations.

27.All decision making is rational.

28.The term decision making is used to refer to the process of choosing a solution from available alternatives.

29.The process of rational decision making emphasizes the use of systematic procedures to arrive at optimal solutions.  The process of decision making does not.

30.The first step in the rational decision-making process is to generate alternative courses of action.



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