21.Linda has one allele for curly hair and another for

Question : 21.Linda has one allele for curly hair and another for : 1408603



21.Linda has one allele for curly hair and another for straight hair. Linda’s alleles are






22.Joseph is homozygous for normal blood cells. This means that he

a.is an identical twin.

b.has matching alleles.

c.has recessive alleles.

d.is likely to develop sickle-cell anemia.




23.How would you create an individual who will definitely have blue eyes?

a.Make sure he has a pair of homozygous chromosomes for blue eyes.

b.Make sure he has a pair of heterozygous chromosomes for eye color.

c.Make sure he has a pair of alleles for eye color.

d.Make sure he has one recessive gene for blue eyes.




24.Kirk is heterozygous for cheek dimples but is born with big dimples in both cheeks. Apparently, the allele for cheek dimples is






25.If a person had a dominant allele for blonde hair and a recessive allele for red hair, the probability of that person having red hair would be closest to ____ percent.






26.If tallness is dominant and designated as “T,” and shortness is recessive and designated as “s,” who would likely be short?

a.Bing, who is “sT”c.Danny, who is “ss”

b.Crosby, who is “Ts”d.Kay, who is “TT”









28.Which best exemplifies the concept of incomplete dominance?

a.An individual with two alleles for baldness who has long hair

b.An individual with two alleles for shyness who is shy

c.An individual with one allele for obesity and another for thinness who is of average weight

d.An individual with a single allele for aggression who is violent




29.Which statement concerning the sickle-cell trait is true?

a.Individuals with the trait have the dominant phenotype but possess the recessive genotype.

b.Individuals with the trait have both a dominant and recessive allele for the disorder.

c.Individuals with the trait are genetically predisposed to the disorder but cannot display any symptoms.

d.Individuals with the trait tend to have the most severe form of the disease.




30.Dr. Fry has just been informed that his son has sickle-cell trait. As a knowledgeable physician, Dr. Fry would realize that his son’s body is most likely to experience

a.excess levels of body fat.

b.serious oxygen deprivation.

c.decreased lung capacity.






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