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21.In a ________________ communication relies on explicit and written messages.

22.________________refers to the emotional reactions that can occur when disagreements become personal rather than professional

23.A ________________ is one in which communication depends as much on everything that surrounds the message as it does on the content of the message itself.

24.________________focuses on problem-related differences of opinion, and reconciling these differences strongly improves team performance.

25.________________ gives employees authority and responsibility to make decisions about their work without traditional managerial approval and control.

1.Today’s organizations enhance performance through employee involvement by:

a.empowering employees.

b.all of these answers are correct.


d.sharing company information and decision making authority.

2.By utilizing teamwork:

a.a firm’s response time and flexibility in meeting customer needs can be improved.

b.people work independently rather than collectively.

c.employees generally experience lower levels of productivity.

d.everyone follows the creative lead of a single person.

3.Employers that empower workers:

a.should link employee rewards to company performance.

b.needn’t give employees the respect that would be given to a partner.

c.should avoid incentive pay programs.

d.all of these answers are correct.

4.An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP):

a.means workers have an added incentive to work harder and smarter because they are part owners.

b.requires employers to share financial information about company assets,

performance, and executive salaries with employees.

c.holds shares of the company’s stock paid for by the employer in a trust fund for

the employees.

d.all of these answers are correct.

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