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21.If goals are set at an impossibly high level, managers might work only half-heartedly to achieve them because they are certain they will fail. 

22.The least powerful form of behavior control is direct supervision of a subordinate by a manager. 

23.When managers personally supervise subordinates, they lead by example and help subordinates develop and increase their own skill levels. 

24.Behavior control tends to be the first type of control that managers at all levels use to evaluate performance. 

25.The more complex a job is, the more difficult it is for a manager to evaluate how well a subordinate is performing. 

26.Being under close scrutiny or not being evaluated in an impartial way motivates employees to perform better. 

27.An important characteristic of management by objectives is its non-participatory nature. 

28.Bureaucratic control is control by means of a comprehensive system of rules and standard operating procedures. 

29.Bureaucratic rules constrain and standardize behavior and encourage people to think for themselves. 

30.Output control and behavior control are appropriate for the most important and significant organizational activities. 



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