21.All of the following individuals currently in jobs that challenge

Question : 21.All of the following individuals currently in jobs that challenge : 1408839



21.All of the following individuals are currently in jobs that challenge them to perform at their average level of competence. Who would be entering their “zone of maximum comfort ?”

a.Janet, whose job just got significantly harder

b.Tito, whose job just got slightly harder

c.Jermaine, whose job just got slightly easier

d.Mahalia, whose job just got significantly easier




22.The “zone of maximum comfort” is reached when

a.people are right at their adaptation level.

b.environmental press slightly exceeds competence.

c.people are maladaptive.

d.competence slightly exceeds environmental press.




23.Maladaptive behavior is most likely under conditions of

a.high competence and weak environmental press.

b.medium competence and moderate environmental press.

c.low competence and weak environmental press.

d.no competence and no environmental press.




24.The ability to exert control over one’s life underlies a strong sense of

a.docility.c.environmental press.





25.When businessman Eli notices that a lot of deals take place on the golf course, he signs up for golf lessons. Eli is exhibiting

a.docility.c.environmental press.





26.Docility is characterized by a sense of

a.little control.c.high competence.

b.intermediate care.d.proactivity.




27.Hazel is tired of worrying about her new landlord. When her friends tell her to become involved to protect her interests, Hazel says, “It’s too late in the day. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll simply do whatever the landlord says.” Hazel is exhibiting

a.docility.c.adaptation level.

b.proactivity.d.high levels of competence.




28.Docility is to proactivity as

a.social is to cognitive.

b.extrovert is to introvert.

c.maximum comfort is to maximum performance.

d.situational control is to self-control.




29.Which combination is most likely?

a.Low proactivity and average competence

b.Low proactivity and medium competence

c.High proactivity and high competence

d.High proactivity and low competence




30.As you believe in Erikson’s theory, you would most likely view your 90-year-old grandmother as struggling with a conflict of

a.generativity versus stagnation.

b.integrity versus despair.

c.identity versus role confusion.

d.industry versus inferiority.





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