____21.According to Bandura, how to children learn new social behaviors? a.by

Question : ____21.According to Bandura, how to children learn new social behaviors? a.by : 2088545

____21.According to Bandura, how to children learn new social behaviors?

a.by resolving conflicts between the id and superego

b.by observing the actions of important people around them

c.by receiving reinforcement for performing appropriate behavior

d.by participating in a social skills training lesson at school

____22.Bandura’s study with the “Bobo” doll clearly indicated that:

a.behavior can be distinguished from cognition

b.development affects how inappropriate behavior is displayed

c.humans have a biological predisposition to violence

d.observation learning can be differentiated from performance

____23.What is the mechanism under which most observational learning occurs?

a.developmental processes

b.behavioral processes

c.cognitive processes

d.environmental processes

____24.Which of the following social learning terms refers to a child’s belief that imitating certain behaviors will lead to certain consequences?


b.outcome expectations


d.efficacy expectations

____25.When is vicarious reinforcement or vicarious punishment likely to take place?

a.when children see the type of consequences others receive for performing certain behaviors

b.when children are either directly punished or reinforced for performing certain behaviors

c.when children develop a superego

d.when children can channel their energy in a socially appropriate manner



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