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21.A psychodynamic therapist would likely consider it part of the therapeutic process if a client reported that he had fallen in love with her.

22. Transference is an element of behavioral therapy.

23. Object-relations therapists emphasize the unconscious influence of people’s earliest mental representations of their parents and how these affect reactions to separations and losses throughout life.

24. Systematic desensitization is based on the principles of classical conditioning.

25. Exposure treatments require clients who are suffering from specific anxieties to confront the feared situation or memory directly.

26.Behavioral self-monitoring and skills training are techniques used primarily in cognitive therapy.

27.Cognitive therapy is designed to identify and change irrational, unproductive ways of thinking and, hence, to reduce negative emotions.

28. Rational-emotive therapists challenge unrealistic beliefs and the tendency for people to overgeneralize when emotionally upset.

29.Rational-emotive behavior therapy emphasizes the client’s free will to change.

30.In client-centered therapy, the therapist provides empathy and unconditional positive regard to the client.

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