21.A mercury thermometer used to take four temperatures of a

Question : 21.A mercury thermometer used to take four temperatures of a : 1409650



21.A mercury thermometer is used to take four temperatures of a solution. The temperatures are 44.8 ºC, 44.9 ºC, 45.0ºC, and 45.1ºC. An alcohol thermometer was also used and measured 44.9 ºC, 45.3 ºC, 45.4 ºC, and 45.9 ºC. The solution is correctly determined to be 45.0 ºC by other means. Which conclusion is correct?

A. The mercury thermometer is the more precise.

B. The alcohol thermometer is the more precise.

C. There is no difference between the thermometers.

D. There is no way to determine precision with these temperatures.



22.A patient weighs 205 pounds, but the weight is to be recorded in kilograms. What is the patient’s weight in kilograms using whole numbers? (Given: 1 kg = 2.205 lbs)

A. 451 kg

B. 205 kg

C. 100 kg

D. 93 kg



23.The density of ethanol at 20?C is 0.791 g/mL. How many milliliters of ethanol correspond to 12 g of ethanol at 20?C?

A. 9 mL

B. 15 mL

C. 0.7 ml

D. 3 mL



24.At 20 ?C, chloroform (CHCl3) has a density of 1.489 g/mL. What is the mass of 7.52 mL of chloroform at 20?C?

A. 0.198 g

B. 13.4 g

C. 5.05 g

D. 11.2 g



25.How much will the temperature change when 3.0 g of tooth enamel (specific heat = 0.18 cal/g?C) absorbs 0.80 cal of heat energy?

A. 2.4 ?C

B. 17?C

C. 1.5 ?C

D. 8.6 ?C



26.What is the number of 1-1/2 teaspoon doses of a liquid medication in a 250 mL bottle? (Given 1 tsp = 5 mL)

A. 33 doses

B. 125 doses

C. 167 doses

D. 250 doses



27.The instructions for a cough syrup are to give 2 teaspoons every 8 hours. The cough syrup is supplied in 150-mL bottles. How many bottles must be purchased to treat 3 children for 5 days? (Given 1 tsp = 5 mL).

A. 1 bottle

B. 2 bottles

C. 3 bottles

D. 4 bottles



28. A kitten’s normal body temperature is 102 ºF. Express this temperature in ºC.

A. 5.7 ºC

B. 38.9 ºC

C. 56.7 ºC

D. 184 ºC



29.A 33.0 g of aluminum is heated on a stove. The temperature of the aluminum increases from 25?C to 120 ?C. How much heat energy was absorbed? Specific heat of aluminum is 0.0215 cal/g?C.

A. 67.4 cal

B. 0.00747 cal

C. 0.619 cal

D. 128 cal



30.At 20?C, the density of ethyl alcohol is 0.789 g/mL, and that of water is 1.00 g/mL. Calculate the specific gravity of ethyl alcohol at 20 ?C.

A. 0.651

B. 0.789

C. 1.45

D. 6.51



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