21.A decision support system concentrates the design of a.data, model, and

Question : 21.A decision support system concentrates the design of a.data, model, and : 1774321

21.A decision support system concentrates on the design of

a.data, model, and dialog systems.

b.preformatted reports.

c.new products.

d.marketing strategies.

e.marketing tactics.

22.The components of a data system in a typical DSS system include all EXCEPT

a.processes used to retrieve data from internal sources.

b.methods of receiving data from external sources.

c.languages that allow managers to produce reports from the data.

d.modules containing customer and competitive information.

e.modules containing industry trend information.

23.The data system for a decision support system would hold data

a.from a standard source in a standard form.

b.from a standard source in a variety of forms.

c.from a variety of sources in a standard form.

d.from a variety of sources in a variety of forms.

e.from none of the above.

24.The basic task of the data system in a DSS is to

a.capture relevant marketing data in reasonable detail and put that data in a truly accessible form.

b.structure a problem so that is can be easily solved by a manager.

c.provide each manager with the information they need in the exact form in which they need it.

d.allow each manager to be able to access the particular information that is necessary to solve a given problem.

e.organize data that the firm generates in-house.

25.The routines that allow the user to manipulate the data in a DSS so as to conduct the kind of analysis the individual desires are known as the

a.data system.

b.model system.

c.dialog system.

d.information system.

e.research system.

26.The systems approach to marketing research is most accurately compared to a



c.strobe light.



27.The key word that differentiates marketing information systems from marketing

research projects is






28.Both DSSs and MISs are concerned with

a.improving information processing to enable better marketing decisions.

b.incorporating features that make them easy to use in an interactive mode.

c.flexibility and adaptability.

d.DSS and MIS are concerned with all of the above.

e.DSS and MIS are concerned with none of the above.

29.A firm might be expected to initiate a specific research project to supplement the DSS in which of the following situations?

a.Information is needed on projected inflation rates over the next five years.

b.Information is needed on initial consumer response to the introduction of a new product.

c.Information is needed to evaluate the past performance of one of the company's wholesale distributors.

d.Information is needed to determine next year's goals for the company sales force.

e.Information is needed to forecast demographic trends.

30.The primary purpose of dialog systems is to allow the marketing manager to

a.write programs to control the flow of information between various modules in the DSS.

b.communicate via electronic mail with their salespeople.

c.interact with the DSS to target and manipulate relevant information contained in the DSS data base.

d.collect data from primary sources and add it to the data base.

e.collect data from secondary sources and add it to the data base.

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