21. Why was Lawrence Ferlinghetti, owner of San Francisco’s City

Question : 21. Why was Lawrence Ferlinghetti, owner of San Francisco’s City : 1680314



21. Why was Lawrence Ferlinghetti, owner of San Francisco’s City Lights bookstore, charged with obscenity?

a.For publishing Ginsberg’s “Howl”

b.For hosting a Kaprow Happening

c.For selling copies of Kerouac’s On the Road

d.For hosting Beat poetry readings

22. What was the musical score for Allan Kaprow’s Happenings designed to represent?

a.Urban cacophony

b.A Beat poetry reading

c.John Cage’s collaborative pieces

d.Pollock’s action painting

23. Why did Frank Lloyd Wright design the Guggenheim Museum in New York as a spiral with a ramp and an open rotunda in the middle?

a.Visitors could see what they had viewed and what was to come

b.Modern art would be viewed in a distinctly modern setting

c.Visitors would not tire from climbing many stairs

d.Visitors could see the art in a natural light

24. What does Roy Lichtenstein criticize in Oh, Jeff . . . I Love You, Too . . . But . . .  ?

a.Comic book mentality

b.Georges Seurat’s pointillism

c.Modern love’s emptiness

d.America’s obsession with Hollywood

25. What question about art did the Minimalists seem to be asking with their works?

a.Why must art include imagery?

b.What makes a work of art?

c.How can art be made new?

d.What role does a viewer play?

26. As discussed in the chapter’s “Continuity and Change” section, in 1954 why did the U.S. Supreme Court rule that “separate but equal” schools for whites and blacks were unacceptable? a. The races were alienated from each other

b.Separate by definition means inherently unequal

c.Not all districts could afford racially separate schools

d.The South was excluding blacks from education



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