21) Which region of the brain controls fluid intake? A) brain

Question : 21) Which region of the brain controls fluid intake? A) brain : 1403877


21) Which region of the brain controls fluid intake?

A) brain stem

B) pituitary gland

C) central sulcus

D) hypothalamus

22) Water formed during oxidative metabolism accounts for what percentage of the water the body needs each day?

A) 0 - 5%

B) 10 - 14%

C) 20 - 25%

D) more than 30%

23) Insensible water loss is:

A) water lost during illness or trauma.

B) water lost during intense exercise.

C) water lost through perspiration and respiration.

D) water lost through urination.

24) Which of the following is a diuretic?

A) alcohol

B) milk

C) water

D) orange juice

25) One "glass" of water is about equal to:

A) 24 oz.

B) 6 oz.

C) 12 oz.

D) 8 oz or 240 mL.

26) Diets high in sodium are associated with:

A) breast cancer.

B) diabetes mellitus.

C) obesity.

D) high blood pressure.

27) The AI for sodium (for adult men and women aged 19-50 years of age) is:

A) 5 g/day.

B) 1.5 g/day.

C) 2.4 g/day.

D) 3 g/day.

28) Most of the sodium consumed is absorbed from the:

A) mouth.

B) stomach.

C) small intestine.

D) liver.

29) Hyponatremia is associated with:

A) insufficient intake of dietary sodium.

B) excessive intake of dietary sodium.

C) insufficient intake of dietary sodium and overhydration.

D) overhydration.

30) Which of the following individuals is MOST at risk for hyperkalemia?

A) a marathon runner

B) a newborn

C) an individual who has a diet rich in processed foods

D) an individual with kidney disease



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