21) Which one of the following TRUE regarding the sodium-potassium

Question : 21) Which one of the following TRUE regarding the sodium-potassium : 1402886



21) Which one of the following is TRUE regarding the sodium-potassium pump?

A) Cholesterol molecules within the plasma membrane pump sodium out of the cell and potassium into the cell.

B) In order to reduce cell volume, the cell decreases the activity of the sodium-potassium pump.

C) Because the sodium-potassium pump works on the principle of diffusion, it does not require energy.

D) Increased activity of the sodium-potassium pump causes an increase in cell volume.

E) In order to maintain a certain cell volume, the sodium-potassium pump exchanges three sodium ions for two potassium ions.


22) If human white blood cells were extracted from the circulatory system, and then placed into an isotonic solution, which one of the following is most likely to occur?

A) Water will rush into the cells, and the cells will swell and eventually burst.

B) Because there is more water outside the cell than inside the cell, an equal amount of water will enter the cell and leave the cell.

C) There will be no change in the cells because the isotonic environment is in equilibrium with the cells.

D) Because a hypertonic environment is highly acidic, these cells will become acidic as well.

E) Water will diffuse out of the cells, and they will decrease in cell volume.


23) A researcher is studying a newly discovered toxin. The effect of this toxin is to block the action of the sodium-potassium pump. What prediction can be made about the effect of this toxin on cell volume?

A) The cell volume will increase as water flows into the cell by osmosis.

B) The cell volume will decrease as no potassium will be pumped into the cell.

C) The cell volume will decrease as no sodium is pumped out of the cell.

D) The cell volume will remain the same since the transport of water is not directly affected by this toxin.


24) In the cell, proteins that are synthesized for immediate use by the cell are normally produced

A) in the plasma membrane

B) in the nucleus

C) in the Golgi apparatus

D) on smooth endoplasmic reticulum

E) on free-floating ribosomes

25) Which one of the following organelles is involved in the production of proteins that are exported from the cell?

A) rough endoplasmic reticulum

B) lysosome

C) mitochondrion

D) smooth endoplasmic reticulum

E) centriole


26) Which organelle is responsible for removal of other damaged organelles and cellular debris?

A) ribosomes

B) smooth endoplasmic reticulum

C) lysosomes

D) centrioles

E) mitochondria


27) The products of the endoplasmic reticulum are transported to the Golgi apparatus by

A) cilia

B) vesicles

C) endocytosis

D) gated channels

E) free-floating ribosomes


28) Assume that you ate a salad that contained some compounds that upset your stomach but still managed to be absorbed and eventually moved into liver cells. The plant compounds are noxious and potentially toxic to the liver cells. Which organelle would be expected to target and detoxify the plant compounds?

A) ribosome

B) mitochondrion

C) peroxisome

D) centriole

E) nucleolus

29) Muscle cells require more energy than most other cells in order to function. Therefore, muscle cells would be expected to have more ________ and ________ than most other cells.

A) glycogen, mitochondria

B) peroxisomes, fat

C) mitochondria, triglycerides

D) ribosomes, glycogen

E) glucose, nuclei


30) Some of the enzymes stored in peroxisomes are used to break down

A) a cell when it becomes damaged

B) bacteria and viruses

C) faulty proteins produced by the cell

D) the plasma membrane

E) hydrogen peroxide



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