21. Which of the following statements true of daydreaming? A. Daydreaming

Question : 21. Which of the following statements true of daydreaming? A. Daydreaming : 1411884


21. Which of the following statements is true of daydreaming?

A. Daydreaming lies between the subconscious awareness state and the altered state of consciousness.

B. Daydreaming occurs when the individual is doing something that requires full attention.

C. Individuals drift into a world of fantasy when they daydream.

D. Although daydreaming helps individuals cope, create, and fantasize, it also makes the mind idle and inactive.

22. The teacher has called on Sarah four times, yet she has not responded or acknowledged the teacher in anyway. She has a slight smile on her face. Which of the following is Sarah most likely demonstrating?

A. Awareness

B. Daydreaming

C. Selective abstraction

D. Unconsciousness

23. During a class lecture, Veronica fancies herself to be attending a Bon Jovi concert at Miami. She is most likely:

A. in an altered state of consciousness.

B. exhibiting controlled processing.

C. daydreaming.

D. lacking awareness.

24. Kathy says that when she meditates, she feels like she becomes one with the universe. Kathy experiences _____ during her meditative sessions.

A. an altered state of consciousness

B. daydreaming

C. a peak experience

D. a period of divided consciousness

25. Due to drug use, Juan sometimes displays higher levels of awareness while Terri sometimes displays lower levels of awareness. These conditions are best referred to as:

A. daydreaming.

B. automatic processes.

C. altered states of consciousness.

D. waking subconscious awareness.

26. Drugs, trauma, fatigue, hypnosis, and sensory deprivation produce:

A. normal brain waves.

B. sleep apnea.

C. a state called hypnagogic reverie.

D. altered states of consciousness.

27. Betty has dissociative identity disorder. Dr. Harper hypnotizes her to interact with the other personalities that she exhibits as a result of her condition. Betty is most likely:

A. exhibiting increased level of consciousness.

B. demonstrating automatic processing.

C. in an altered state of consciousness.

D. representing higher executive function.

28. Jared has consumed excessive alcohol at a party. Therefore, he is exhibiting:

A. an altered state of consciousness.

B. higher controlled processes.

C. automatic processing.

D. an executive function.

29. Jesse dreamed that he failed his science test. He is exhibiting:

A. automatic processing.

B. an altered state of consciousness.

C. subconscious awareness.

D. no awareness.

30. _____ refers to the subconscious processing that leads to a solution to a problem after a break from conscious thought about the problem.

A. Incubation

B. Metacognition

C. Theory of mind

D. Executive function



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