21) What landform described as a combination of sandy islands,

Question : 21) What landform described as a combination of sandy islands, : 2039787

21) What landform is described as a combination of sandy islands, barrier coral reefs, and shallow central lagoons?

A) isthmus

B) monsoon

C) peninsula

D) atoll

E) tsunami

22) What event sets off the process that creates an atoll?

A) volcanic eruption

B) earthquake

C) erosion

D) nuclear explosion

E) rifting

23) The Hawaiian Islands were formed by ________.

A) the subduction of the Pacific plate under the Indo-Australian plate

B) the rifting of the Pacific plate and the Indo-Australian plate

C) an active hot spot beneath the moving Pacific Plate

D) large-scale undersea earthquakes building up the land surface beneath the sea

E) humans who built them from debris left in the sea

24) What caused the fjords in New Zealand?

A) shield volcanoes building up layer after layer of molten material

B) the rifting along a fault zone

C) the overgrazing of vegetation on steep slope faces

D) volcanic activity

E) glaciers that carved drowned valleys

25) In which country of Australia/Oceania would you find a fjord (fiord)?

A) Australia

B) Kiribati

C) New Zealand

D) Tasmania

E) all of the above

26) Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?

A) off the west coast of Australia

B) along Australia's southern coast

C) along Australia's east coast

D) off the northeastern coast of Australia

E) off the southwestern coast of Australia

27) Which of the following places is the best example of an atoll?

A) the Australian continent

B) New Zealand's South Island

C) Papua New Guinea

D) Tasmania

E) Kwajalein

28) Of the following countries of Australia/Oceania, which is located farthest south?

A) Micronesia

B) Papua New Guinea

C) Honolulu

D) Marshall Islands

E) New Zealand

29) Many forests with this type of tree have been destroyed in Australia to make way for pastures.

A) pine

B) maple

C) eucalyptus

D) oak

E) bamboo

30) Which part of the Australia/Oceania region receives the least amount of precipitation?

A) the northeast coast of New Zealand

B) the mid-slopes of the 13,000-foot-plus volcanoes of the island of Hawaii

C) anywhere in Samoa

D) the largest of the Marshall Islands

E) the interior of Australia

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