21) The rain-shadow effect the area of low rainfall found

Question : 21) The rain-shadow effect the area of low rainfall found : 2039759

21) The rain-shadow effect is the area of low rainfall found on the leeward (downwind) side of a mountain range.

22) India has the largest population in South Asia.

23) South Asia could soon surpass East Asia to become the world's most populous region.

24) Pakistan's population is concentrated on the border with India.

25) Urbanization is increasing in South Asia because of changes in the economics of agriculture.

26) Mumbai is the oldest city in South Asia.

27) The region of South Asia is sometimes called the Subcontinent.

28) Only about 28 percent of people in South Asia live in cities.

29) The Hindu religion considers tigers to be sacred.

30) The Sikh religion dominates in India.

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