21. The painting “Henry VIII and Edward VI” shows that

Question : 21. The painting “Henry VIII and Edward VI” shows that : 1987719


21. The painting “Henry VIII and Edward VI” shows that

A) the Protestants were more powerful than the king of England.

B) Henry VIII’s legacy would be carried on by his son.

C) the Pope and the king ruled England as equals.

D) the English were plotting to kill the Pope.

E) English monks supported the Catholic Church despite the danger.

22. Eastern Woodlands Indians saw nature as sacred, whereas Europeans primarily saw it as

A) a source of artistic inspiration.

B) a resource to conserve.

C) a useless wilderness.

D) something to exploit.

E) a terrifying place to avoid.

23. What quality did the Renaissance and Reformation share?

A) an engagement in religious reform

B) a rejection of the Bible

C) a concern with public life

D) a faith in the fundamental goodness of humanity

E) a questioning of the status quo


24. The drawing “Nova Reperta” celebrates the invention of all of the following technologies EXCEPT

A) the arquebus.

B) the compass.

C) maps.

D) gunpowder.

E) the printing press.

25. Hernán Cortés found allies in his conquest of the Aztec Empire in

A) natives from Hispaniola.

B) slaves looking to win their freedom.

C) the Inca Empire.

D) European settlers.

E) those who had been conquered by the Aztecs.

26. The Portuguese and the Spanish were alike in their treatment of the native inhabitants of the lands they conquered in the Atlantic and Caribbean because both forced the inhabitants to

A) relocate to settlements in North America.

B) provide the labor on their plantations.

C) join their armies and fight with the conquistadores.

D) intermarry with African slaves to provide more workers.

E) share their metallurgical techniques.

27. The Vikings and Columbus were similar in that they both

A) gained notoriety through widespread accounts of their voyages.

B) established European outposts in America.

C) thought the Native Americans were savages.

D) initiated complex ecological changes in the Americas.

E) made their way to the islands of the Caribbean.

28. What did Europeans obtain from the Islamic world and Asia to assist them with their explorations of the Atlantic world?

A) naval escorts to protect their ships

B) financial support for their initial voyages

C) slave labor to sail their ships

D) detailed maps of the best trade routes

E) technology to improve their ships


29. The South American painting “Heavenly Militia” shows that, to the Indians of Central and South America, the god-like power of the conquistadores came mostly from their use of

A) elaborate clothing.

B) mystical ceremonies.

C) silver and gold.

D) firearms.

E) nature and wildlife.

30. Christopher Columbus’s attitude toward the Native Americans was primarily one of

A) resentment.

B) reverence.

C) cooperation.

D) curiosity.

E) superiority.

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