21. The most common cause of miscarriage involves ________. a. one

Question : 21. The most common cause of miscarriage involves ________. a. one

21. The most common cause of miscarriage involves ________.

a. one or more serious genetic fetal abnormalities

b. having an older father and younger mother

c. physical activity

d. eating certain foods

22. Sexual intercourse during pregnancy ________.

a. is usually safe only in the later months

b. should be avoided throughout the pregnancy

c. increases the risk of preterm labor

d. poses no risk to the developing fetus or to the mother

23. Any substance ingested by a pregnant woman that can cause a fetal abnormality is called a ________.

a. tetrad

b. colostrum

c. gamete

d. teratogen

24. ________ involves the insertion of a small tube through the cervix and into the uterus to obtain a placental tissue sample.

a. Amniocentesis

b. Ultrasound

c. Chorionic villus sampling

d. Laparoscopy

25. Approximately ________ legal abortions occur in the United States each year.

a. 100,000

b. 250,000

c. 1 million

d. 2.5 million

26. Nearly ________ of all surgical abortion in the United States occur within the first trimester of pregnancy.

a. 45%

b. 60%

c. 75%

d. 90%

27. The abortion procedure used in the second trimester is called ________.

a. hysterotomy

b. vacuum aspiration

c. dilation and evacuation

d. medications such as RU-486

28. Myriam chose to have a medical abortion, which means a(n) ________.

  1. abortion performed for medical reasons
  2. late-term abortion method
  3. drug or drugs administered to terminate a pregnancy
  4. drug or drugs administered to prevent complications during surgical abortion

29. All of the following are true about legal abortions, except that they ________.

  1. are considered safe
  2. are less risky than pregnancy and birth
  3. have little effect on a woman’s future ability to become pregnant
  4. lead to depression in most women

30. If Cindy is like most women, she will experienceĀ  ________ after the termination of an unwanted pregnancy

  1. no mental health problems
  2. serious regret
  3. lifetime guilt
  4. elation

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