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21) The  Embargo Act had the greatest impact on: A)

Question : 21) The  Embargo Act had the greatest impact on: A) : 1666756


21) The  Embargo Act had the greatest impact on: A) French merchants.

B) British merchants. C) American farmers

D) New Englanders.

22) Jefferson advocated a policy of Indian removal to the trans-Mississippi west because he believed:

A)Indian ways of life must be preserved.

B)white settlers would never move far west.

C)the British could not influence Indians in remote areas.

D)Indians who resisted assimilation could live undisturbed.

23) If you had been a Shawnee follower of Black Hoof, you would have: A) assimilated to white culture.

B)sought support from the British in Canada.

C)fled as far west as you could.

D)joined other tribes resisting white expansion.

24) The response of Tecumseh and Tenskatawa to white expansion would best be described as: A) voluntary assimilation.

B)pan-Indian resistance.

C)accepting the reservation system.

D)acknowledging whites legal rights to western land.

25) What event convinced Tecumseh to actively resist American expansion?

A)Louisiana Purchase

B)Battle of Fallen Timbers

C)Treaty of Fort Wayne

D)The Battle of Tippecanoe

26) The battle at Tippecanoe:

A)was a decisive victory for William Henry Harrison.

B)resulted in the death of Tecumseh.

C)forced the Shawnee to flee west.

D)drove Tecumseh into a formal alliance with Britain.

27) The United States entered the War of 1812 deeply divided along sectional lines. The sections that were most pro-war were the: A) Middle States and South.

B)West and South.

C)Middle States and New England.

D)West and New England.

28) What victory by Oliver H. Perry established American control over Lake Erie and led to the recapture of Detroit?

A)Ft. McHenry


C)the Thames

D)Ft. Mims

29) At the Hartford Convention, representatives from five New England states: A) insisted states could nullify unconstitutional federal actions.

B)sought a revision of the Constitution.

C)passed a secession resolution to go into effect by 1815.

D)condemned the term of the Treaty of Ghent.

30) One of the few issues conclusively settled by the Treaty of Ghent was: A) ending impressment of American sailors.

B)British agreement to vacate western posts.

C)excluding the French from western settlement.

D)creating a buffer state for Indians in the Northwest.



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