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21) Push-ups are appropriate fitness activities for all elementary school children.

22) Having students wave at a friend while holding the push-up position works on arm-shoulder girdle strength.

23) Asking students to lean backwards from a sitting position without falling works on trunk development.

24) To develop trunk muscles, bending, stretching, swaying and twisting are all good challenges.

25) Combining sliding and galloping is one way to develop leg strength.

26) An appropriate jump rope routine should include 30 second segments of silence and music to signal alternate aerobic activity and flexibility development.

27) It is important to allow upper elementary children to select some modifications designed for children in grades K-2.

28) A student who is standing with arms crossed, hands on opposite shoulders, knees slightly flexed, and feet shoulder width apart while bending forward at the waist is developing arm-shoulder girdle strength.

29) A student who is crossing his feet while doing jumping jacks is developing leg strength and agility.

30) The only types of activities that focus on fitness include student leader routines, squad leader

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