21) Island Southeast Asia A) typically has dry winters. B) straddles

Question : 21) Island Southeast Asia A) typically has dry winters. B) straddles : 2039769

21) Island Southeast Asia

A) typically has dry winters.

B) straddles the equator.

C) has few peaks above 5,000 feet.

D) includes about 25 islands.

E) has tremendous tremendous temperature variation.

22) What geological feature is associated with the islands of Sumatra, Java, and the Lesser Sunda Islands?

A) earthquakes

B) erosion

C) karst topography

D) volcanic activity

E) all of the above

23) Which country of Southeast Asia lies both on the mainland and in the islands of the region?

A) Vietnam

B) Brunei

C) Malaysia

D) Singapore

E) Laos

24) Indonesia's islands stretch for a length that is about the same distance as the mileage between which of the following pairs of cities?

A) New York to Boston

B) New York to Indianapolis

C) New York to Denver

D) New York to San Francisco

E) New York to Philadelphia

25) Which country in Southeast Asia contains the largest number of islands?

A) Indonesia

B) Malaysia

C) Philippines

D) Thailand

E) Burma

26) "Insular" Southeast Asia refers to which of the following locations?

A) countries located on peninsulas

B) countries located on islands

C) countries located on mainland Southeast Asia

D) countries located on mountains

E) countries located in the interior regions of a continent

27) What is the longest river in Southeast Asia?

A) Mekong

B) Irrawaddy

C) Red River

D) Chao Phraya

E) Salween

28) On which island of Indonesia are the forests still extensive?

A) New Guinea

B) Kalimantan

C) Sumatra

D) Java

E) Borneo

29) What are hurricanes called in Southeast Asia?

A) cyclones

B) deluges

C) hurricanes

D) typhoons

E) tornadoes

30) What is the major difference between the two types of tropical climates found in Southeast Asia?

A) the temperature

B) the seasonal distribution of temperature

C) the seasonal distribution of rainfall

D) the total amount of rainfall

E) the prevalence of fog

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