21. How do clinical and counseling psychology differ? A. Clinical psychology requires more

Question : 21. How do clinical and counseling psychology differ? A. Clinical psychology requires more : 1385838


21. How do clinical and counseling psychology differ?

A. Clinical psychology requires more advanced study than does counseling psychology.

B. Clinical psychologists have a PhD or an MD degree, whereas counseling psychologists have a PsyD degree.

C. Counseling psychologists deal with problems that are more specific than the problems that clinical psychologists deal with.

D. Clinical and counseling psychology are synonymous.

22. Fiona helps students with ADHD develop effective study regimens and strategies. Fiona is most likely a(n) _____ psychologist.

A. health

B. experimental

C. developmental

D. counseling

23. Counseling psychologists are more likely than clinical psychologists to practice in:

A. hospitals.

B. laboratories.

C. offices.

D. colleges.

24. Dr. Growe is reading about a research in which psychologists investigated the effect of group size on the conformity of group members. Dr. Growe is most likely reading the Journal of _____ Psychology.

A. Developmental

B. Social

C. Counseling

D. Evolutionary

25. Social psychology:

A. focuses primarily on educational, social, and career adjustment problems.

B. deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological disorders.

C. investigates the similarities and differences in psychological functioning in and across various cultures and ethnic groups.

D. is the study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and actions are affected by others.

26. _____ psychologists concentrate on diverse topics such as human aggression, liking and loving, persuasion, and conformity.

A. Counseling

B. Social

C. Evolutionary

D. Clinical

27. Which of the following is NOT one of the three newer branches of psychology's family tree?

A. Counseling psychology

B. Behavioral genetics

C. Evolutionary psychology

D. Clinical neuropsychology

28. Evolutionary psychologists are especially interested in:

A. how behavior is influenced by our genetic inheritance from our ancestors.

B. the genetic basis of physical characteristics.

C. how thought and behavior are influenced by the structure of the brain.

D. how personality traits and social behavior vary across cultures.

29. Charles Darwin's book On the Origin of Species was published in:

A. 1529

B. 1739

C. 1859

D. 1939

30. In what way, if any, do evolutionary psychologists go beyond Darwin's arguments?

A. They suggest that culture influences the nature of behavioral and mental processes.

B. They argue that our genetic heritage influences our physical characteristics.

C. They argue that our genetic heritage determines aspects of our personality and social behavior.

D. They do not go beyond Darwin's original arguments.


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