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21. Efficiency is commonly measured by such items as sales growth relative to competitors or changes in market share.



22. Effectiveness is the success of a business’s products and programs relative to those of its competitors in the market.



23. Prospector businesses are expected to outperform defenders on both new product development and market-share growth.



24. Prospector and to a lesser degree, analyzer businesses devote a relatively small proportion of resources to the development of new product-markets.



25. The sharing of operating facilities and programs may be an inappropriate approach to gaining synergy for businesses following a prospector strategy.



26. A prospector strategy is particularly well suited to stable and static environments.



27. Automobile manufacturing is an appropriate example of an industry that uses analyzer strategy.



28. A defender strategy works best in industries where the basic technology is not very complex or where it is well developed and unlikely to change dramatically over the short term.



29. A low-cost defender strategy is usually not so effective in fragmented markets desiring customized offerings as it is in commodity industries.



30. Differentiated defenders compete by offering more or better choices to customers than their competitors.



31. Defenders rely more heavily on independent channel members such as manufacturer’s representatives or wholesale distributors to distribute their products.



32. Some firms that are technological leaders in their industries defend individual product-market entries as they mature, in the face of increasing competition and eroding margins.




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