21. Early maturation in girls may result in all of

Question : 21. Early maturation in girls may result in all of : 1997989

21. Early maturation in girls may result in all of the following EXCEPT

a)Uncomfortable feelings and/or embarrassment at being different than peers.

b)Ridicule from less mature classmates.

c)Intellectual maturity beyond their peers.

d)More popularity that can enhance their self-concept.

22. Which of the following plays a big role in how girls experience early maturation?

a)how the mother and daughter get along and communicate

b)cultural and community norms and standards regarding how women should look

c)how the father and daughter get along and communicate

d)how much attention the girl receives from boys

23. Which of the following groups is the least likely to have difficulty adjusting to late maturation?

a)tenth grade late-maturing girls

b)late-maturing boys who are shorter and weigh less than their peers

c)late-maturing boys who are shorter and weigh less than their peers but have qualities such as assertiveness, insightfulness, creativity

d)eighth grade late-maturing girls

24. Developmentalists suggest that along with early/late maturity, all of the following may be more pertinent in determining an adolescent’s behavior except

a)IQ development.

b)peer groups.

c)family dynamics.

d)schools and other societal institutions.

25. During the teenage years, the average girl requires ________ calories a day, and the average boy requires ________.

a)1,200; 2,000.

b)2,200; 2,800.

c)2,000; 2,500.

d)1,500; 2,000.

26. By drinking milk during their teenage years, girls can consume enough required _______ to avoid ________ later in their lives.

a)magnesium; osteoporosis

b)iron; stroke

c)calcium; osteoporosis

d)Vitamin D; rickets

27. The most common nutritional concern during adolescence is

a)anorexia nervosa.




28. What is the ratio of adolescents who can be classified as obese?

a)1 in 20

b)1 in 10

c)1 in 25

d)1 in 50

29. Obese adolescents stand a(an) _____ chance of becoming obese adults.





30. Which of the following is least likely to participate in exercise?

a)an 18-year-old African American female

b)an 18-year-old African American male

c)an 18-year-old Caucasian American female


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