21) Delia's a clothing retailer that targets teenage girls. It

Question : 21) Delia's a clothing retailer that targets teenage girls. It : 1408435


21) Delia's is a clothing retailer that targets teenage girls. It runs coordinated promotions for its catalogs, Web site, and retail outlets. It uses the same models in its catalog, print ads, and Web site. Delia's works to make sure its public relations activities as well as its sales promotions harmonize with its advertising in all aspects. From this information, we can infer that Delia's is using ________.

A) buzz marketing

B) experiential marketing

C) integrated marketing communication

D) word-of-mouth marketing

E) database marketing

22) Excel Enterprises uses a Web site, online social networks, and print advertisements to promote its products. Since Excel Enterprises practices integrated marketing communications, all these different brand contacts maintain ________ in design and tone.

A) variety

B) simplicity

C) consistency

D) creativity

E) flexibility

23) To carefully integrate and coordinate the company's many communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its products, some companies appoint a(n) ________.

A) idea champion

B) marketing communications director

C) sales representative

D) business analyst

E) media planner

24) In order to avoid shortsightedness, today marketers are moving toward viewing communications as managing the ________ over time.

A) organizational culture

B) nonpersonal communication channels

C) word-of-mouth influence

D) customer relationship

E) product life cycle

25) While using integrated marketing communications, the communications process should start with a(n) ________.

A) advertising strategy

B) competitive-parity analysis

C) long-term public relations plan

D) audit of all potential customer touch points

E) strategy for implementing a social media presence

26) Which of the following is one of the four major communication functions?

A) coordination

B) distribution

C) noise

D) response

E) preference

27) ________ refers to the process of putting thought into symbolic form.

A) Sending

B) Encoding

C) Decoding

D) Receiving

E) Feedback

28) HP's advertising agency assembles words and illustrations into an advertisement that convey the company's intended brand message. In the context of the communication process, HP is ________.

A) messaging

B) encoding

C) sending

D) decoding

E) responding

29) The decision to use a cleaning genie to communicate the strength and power of "Mr. Clean" cleaning liquid represents the ________ process of the communication model.

A) sourcing

B) encoding

C) acknowledging

D) decoding

E) messaging

30) A(n) ________ is a set of symbols that the sender transmits.

A) encoder

B) feedback loop

C) message

D) media

E) decoder



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