21) As per your reading of the chapter opening case,

Question : 21) As per your reading of the chapter opening case, : 1927944

21) As per your reading of the chapter opening case, which of the following best describes the challenges faced by Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP)?

A) BCP's choice of software had led to erroneous data.

B) BCP had too much data being collected.

C) BCP had multiple, redundant, and error-prone sources of data.

D) BCP was collecting data that was not relevant to its new goals.

22) An example of a pre-digital database is a:

A) library's card-catalog.

B) cash register receipt.

C) doctor's office invoice.

D) list of sales totals on a spreadsheet.

23) What is the first step you should take in managing data for a firm?

A) Identify the data needed to run the business

B) Cleanse the data before importing it to any database

C) Normalize the data before importing to a database

D) Audit your data quality

24) Which of the following best illustrates the relationship between entities and attributes?

A) The entity CUSTOMER with the attribute PRODUCT

B) The entity CUSTOMER with the attribute ADDRESS

C) The entity PRODUCT with the attribute PURCHASE

D) The entity PRODUCT with the attribute CUSTOMER

25) The type of logical database model that treats data as if they were stored in two dimensional tables is the:


B) pre-digital DBMS.

C) relational DBMS.

D) hierarchical DBMS.

26) What are the relationships that the relational database is named for?

A) Relationships between rows and columns

B) Relationships between entities

C) Relationships between fields and records

D) Relationships between databases

27) A characteristic or quality describing an entity is called a(n):

A) field.

B) tuple.

C) key field.

D) attribute.

28) The most basic business database is comprised of:

A) three tables: for customers, suppliers and parts, and sales.

B) four tables: for customers, suppliers, parts, and sales.

C) four tables: for customers, employees, suppliers and parts, and sales.

D) five tables: for customers, employees, suppliers, products, and sales.

29) In a table for customers, the information about a single customer would reside in a single:

A) field.

B) row.

C) column.

D) table.

30) In a relational database, a record is also called a(n):

A) tuple.

B) row.

C) entity.

D) field.

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