21. Alzheimer's disease a disease of the ________. A. brain B. bones C.

Question : 21. Alzheimer's disease a disease of the ________. A. brain B. bones C. : 1400866


21. Alzheimer's disease is a disease of the ________.

A. brain

B. bones

C. muscles

D. stomach

22. Which program is designed to help community advocates identify older adults at risk for food insecurity?

A. Meals on Wheels

B. Nutrition Screening Initiative

C. National Report Card

D. Elderly Nutrition Program

23. Nearly ________ of American households with elders experience food insecurity.

A. 8 percent

B. 10 percent

C. 12 percent

D. 14 percent

24. Prolonged stress can lead to an increased level of what hormone in the body?

A. epinephrine

B. calcitonin

C. cortisol

D. gastrin

25. Which of the following can be useful in the treatment of moderate osteoarthritis?

A. cortisol

B. cortisone

C. sulfa drugs

D. glucosamine

26. Older adults need more ________ in their diet.

A. fat

B. fiber

C. protein

D. simple sugars

27. The kidneys' decreased ability to concentrate urine increases the risk of ________ among older adults.

A. dehydration

B. diarrhea

C. constipation

D. insomnia

28. What is life expectancy?

A. a person's age in number of years

B. the duration of an individual's life

C. the average length of life for a population

D. the maximum age to which a species can live

29. Some people take fish oil with the aim of

A. lowering cholesterol.

B. easing digestive problems.

C. reducing the risk of heart disease.

D. preventing certain types of cancer.

30. What purported use does the herb Echinacea have?

A. raising insulin levels

B. easing muscle pain

C. treating the common cold

D. helping with chronic fatigue syndrome.



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