21) All of the following statements true EXCEPT: 21) ______

Question : 21) All of the following statements true EXCEPT: 21) ______ : 1404299



21) All of the following statements are true EXCEPT:

21) ______

A) Selection testing is a common screening device to assess specific job-related skills.

B) The selection process is a one-way street.

C) Initial applicant screening involves eliminating candidates lacking the "must have" selection criteria.

D) Completing an application form is often part of the online application process.

E) Initial applicant screening is generally performed by the HR Dept.


22) Which of the following is true of preliminary applicant screening?

22) ______

A) It involves eliminating candidates lacking the "nice to have" selection criteria.

B) It may involve candidate interviews.

C) The use of technology is becoming increasingly popular at this stage of the selection process.

D) It may involve selection testing.

E) Initial applicant screening is generally performed by the line managers.


23) Initial applicant screening is typically performed by:

23) ______

A) line managers.

B) computer technology.

C) voice-response technology.

D) an external recruitment agency.

E) HR professionals.


24) Which of the following statements about selection testing is true?

24) ______

A) Studies have shown that approximately two-thirds of Canadian organizations use tests for hiring.

B) Selection testing generally involves a demonstration of skills.

C) Testing is more prevalent in small organizations.

D) The use of tests has been declining in recent years.

E) Personality and aptitude tests are not commonly used for selection purposes.


25) Intelligence tests measure all of the following traits EXCEPT:

25) ______

A) memory.

B) extrasensory perception.

C) vocabulary.

D) numerical ability.

E) verbal fluency.


26) Tests that measure an individual's potential to perform a job, provided he or she is given proper training, are known as:

26) ______

A) aptitude tests.

B) intelligence tests.

C) achievement tests.

D) personality tests.

E) interest inventories.


27) A number of tests commonly used in selection can conveniently be classified according to whether they measure each of the following characteristics EXCEPT:

27) ______

A) motor and physical abilities.

B) personal attractiveness and suitability.

C) general intellectual abilities.

D) memory.

E) monitoring one's own emotions.


28) Motor abilities a firm might want to measure include all of the following EXCEPT:

28) ______

A) manual dexterity.

B) finger dexterity.

C) spacial visualization.

D) speed of arm movement.

E) reaction time.


29) The following are physical abilities that an employer might want to measure EXCEPT:

29) ______

A) lifting strength.

B) pulling/pushing strength.

C) stamina.

D) verbal abilities.

E) climbing.


30) Personality tests can measure basic aspects of an applicant's personality, which include all of the following EXCEPT:

30) ______

A) introversion.

B) dexterity.

C) neurotic tendency.

D) stability.

E) motivation.



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