21. According to one of the models of the helping process,

Question : 21. According to one of the models of the helping process, : 1385831


21. According to one of the models of the helping process, during which of the following steps is there a possibility for the diffusion of responsibility to occur if others are present? 

A. Deciding on and implementing the form of helping

B. Noticing a person, event, or situation that may require help

C. Assuming responsibility for helping

D. Interpreting the event as one that requires help

22. Behavior that helps others but that involves some self-sacrifice is termed: 

A. altruism.

B. prosocial behavior.

C. catharsis.

D. empathy.

23. Generally, which of the following is true of moral decisions made by people? 

A. There is no relation between moral decisions made by people and situational factors.

B. Most social psychologists agree that no single set of attributes differentiates helpers from nonhelpers.

C. Most psychologists believe that prosocial behavior always contains an element of self-sacrifice.

D. Psychologists using a neuroscience perspective believe that if the rational side wins out, we're less likely to take a logical view of moral situations.

24. Which of the following strategies did your text offer as effective means of dealing with anger? 

A. Never take another person's perspective on the situation.

B. Use language effectively by saying "you," not "I."

C. Fantasize about expressing your anger and act on it.

D. Minimize the importance of the situation.

Fill in the Blank Questions

25. We tend to like people we see again and again: This is the influence of _____ on liking. 

26. _____ refers to positive feelings for others; liking and loving. 

27. The _____ effect refers to a tendency to like those who like us. 

28. _____ love is the strong affection we have for those with whom our lives are deeply involved. 

29. The intentional injury of, or harm to, another person is called _____. 

30. The process of discharging built-up aggressive energy is called _____. 

31. Putting oneself at risk to help an individual in danger exemplifies _____ behavior. 


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