21) A major difference between public relations and marketing/advertising is A)

Question : 21) A major difference between public relations and marketing/advertising is A) : 1940433

21) A major difference between public relations and marketing/advertising is

A) marketing and advertising promote an organization

B) public relations promotes an entire organization, including its people, products, and services

C) marketing and advertising promote an organization's individuals rather than its products or services

D) public relations promotes only a product or a service

22) A function related to public relations that includes creating sales literature, meeting displays and promotions is

A) media relations.

B) publicity.

C) marketing communications.

D) investor relations.

23) The government affairs function of public relations

A) deals with customers who want sales information.

B) deals with officials at the local, state, and federal levels.

C) deals with investors who want information about the annual meeting.

D) deals with behavioral beliefs.

24) Twisting messages to create the impression of performance is

A) an agreed-upon ethical practice in public relations.

B) how to preserve hard-earned credibility.

C) how to provide reporters with balanced information.

D) a manifestation of spin.

25) What is the cardinal rule for public relations practitioners?

A) never, ever lie

B) don’t get caught

C) spin the issue to sway public opinion

D) be considerate of how your words will influence the public

22) In a 2004 study by the search firm Heyman Associates, which of the following was NOT a characteristic of successful PR leaders?

A) inner strength

B) teamliness

C) proactivity and passion

D) relationship building

23) Which is NOT a key technical skill a public relations professional should possess?

A) knowledge of communications, including how media work

B) knowledge of what's happening around you

C) knowledge of how management shapes policy

D) knowledge of what the public's "right to know" is

24) To be successful, a public relations professional should have the predisposition to

A) disclose rather than withhold information.

B) avoid responding to false accusations from an irate consumer.

C) avoid confronting situations before they escalate.

D) disclose how business works.

25) Which of the following is NOT among six requisite "attitudes" an effective public relations practitioner should have?

A) to have a counseling orientation

B) to project an aura of skepticism

C) to do the right thing

D) to be risk averse

26) Public relations is an industry that is growing in numbers as well as respect.

27) Annual revenue for the PR industry is estimated at well under $1 billion dollars.

28) An indication of the heightened stature of public relations is the increased desire of companies, nonprofits, governments, religious institutions, sports teams and leagues, arts organizations to communicate their stories.

29) The American Management Association adapted the following definition for the function: "Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics." 

30) Some might say PR should really stand for performance recognition because positive action communicated straightforwardly will yield positive results.

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