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200. The prefrontal cortex is not fully developed in a person until around his/her early 20s.

201. Research indicates that people who live in unsophisticated, non-technologically based cultures are incapable of attaining the formal operational stage of thinking, as described by Piaget.

202. Data over the past few years indicates that drug use overall, including marijuana use, has declined.

203. Male athletes are likely to demonstrate a lower percentage of alcohol consumption because of health reasons.

204. Alcoholism has no genetic component.

205. In Canada, adolescent males smoke more than adolescent females.

206. Adolescents’ ability to reason using formal operations causes a change in their everyday behaviour(s).

207. One of the most telling indicators of success in education is the relationship between educational achievement and socioeconomic status.

208. Self-concept is the same thing as self-esteem.

209. During early adolescence, girls’ self-esteem is higher than boys’.

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