2.0 - Part II Multiple Choice Questions 1.Bill has just

Question :         2.0 - Part II Multiple Choice Questions 1.Bill has just : 1410250


        2.0 - Part II Multiple Choice Questions

1.Bill has just received a promotion within his company. As the western regional manager in charge of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, he wants to initiate a new competitive marketing strategy. He should start with ________.

a private screening

competitor analysis

management modifications

a competitive advantage analysis

absolute advantage processing




2.After reading the latest text in marketing, Bill now realizes that strategies that strongly position the company against competitors and that give the company the strongest possible strategic advantage are ________.

competitor analyses

customer relationship strategies

competitive relationship strategies

competitive marketing strategies

universal strategy analyses




3.To plan effective marketing strategies, the company needs to find out all it can about its competitors. It must constantly compare its marketing strategies, products, prices, channels, and promotion with those of close competitors. This is an example of ________.


competitor analysis

customer value analysis

product leadership

continuous innovation




4.Bill, in his role as regional manager needs to carefully conduct a ________ which involves first identifying and assessing competitors and then selecting which competitors to attack or avoid.

The marketing management process


Customer-centred analysis

Market leading

Competitor analysis




5.Bob's boss criticized him for having ________. His boss believes this because Bob forgets about latent competitors and only focuses on current competitors.

competitor myopia

misdirected segmentation

competitor synergy

competitor phobia

marketing myopia




6.Many companies, some even quite large, suffer from ________. An example could include Kodak's film business, which didn't suffer at the hands of direct competitor Fujifilm; it lost out to Sony, Canon, and other digital camera makers along with a host of digital image developers and online image sharing services.

a blue ocean strategy

competitor myopia

competitor phobia


marketing myopia




7.A/an ________ point of view tends to be wider in scope than those that sell the same product to the same basic target. From this perspective, Binney & Smith, maker of Crayola crayons, would include competition from all firms making recreational and educational products for children rather than just other makers of crayons and children's drawing supplies.









8.Mark is the national marketing manager for Pepsi. He might see its competition as Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, 7UP, and the makers of other soft drink brands from a/an ________ point of view. However, from a/an ________ point of view, the customer really wants "thirst quenching."

market; industry

industry; market

industry; competitive

market; consumer's

company's; consumer's




9.Which of the following are fundamental questions that a marketing management team considers when assessing competitors?

What are competitors' employment strategies?

What is each competitor's mission statement?

What are various competitors' strengths and weaknesses?

What are various competitors' locations?

What are the competitors' prices?




10.Each competitor has a mix of objectives. The company wants to know the relative importance that a competitor places on which of the following?

Company history

Current profitability

Market analysis growth

Cash cows

Technological weaknesses





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