2) 1. However, linguists point to the worldwide use of

Question : 2) 1. However, linguists point to the worldwide use of : 2007971

2) 1. However, linguists point to the worldwide use of English as unique in the history of languages.

2.About one-fifth of the world's population now speaks English well enough to communicate.

3.They argue that fears of a decline in the use of English should not be taken too seriously.

4.Some North Americans worry that the English language is losing ground.

5.The number of people who speak English as a second language is growing quickly.

6.In a number of countries where numerous languages and dialects are spoken, English has some practical advantages for language factions trying to communicate among themselves.

7.Because the Internet's linguistic patterns and best software are in English, it is impossible to carry on an electronic relationship without knowledge of English.

8.The Internet provides educational opportunities that could not be imagined a few years ago.

9.Technology has also had a dramatic impact on the spread of English throughout the world.

10. Because English has become the international language of commerce, communication, and scientific discourse, people who are concerned about its status have nothing to worry about.

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