1.Which of the following statements about ethics true? a.Acting ethically always

Question : 1.Which of the following statements about ethics true? a.Acting ethically always


1.Which of the following statements about ethics is true?

a.Acting ethically is always easier than any other form of action.

b.Employees assume no risk when they conduct themselves ethically.

c.Like other laws, ethics can be defined.

d.If an act is legal, it must by definition be ethical.

e.Ethics is the set of moral principles or values that defines right and wrong for a person or group.

2.There is a recognized llama industry in the United States. The industry is recovering from a period in which prearranged deals at auctions and other techniques were used to falsely inflate prices.  In addition, bad-tempered animals were sedated before being sold. Today its reputation is being built by breeders who go the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied. The llama industry has discovered that _____ is the way to create sales.

a.creating channel conflict

b.acting with discretionary responsibility

c.acting ethically

d.upholding the law

e.becoming an ethical ombudsman

3.Which of the following is a recommendation for how managers can model and encourage ethical behavior in employees?

a.use resources only for company business

b.handle information in a confidential and honest manner

c.set reasonable rather than unreasonable goals

d.create a reward system that does not reward unethical behavior

e.all of these

4.In Atlanta, independent auditors are investigating claims the metropolitan area’s Boy Scout pack leaders inflated local black membership numbers to 20,000 under instructions from top Boy Scout officials.  A civil rights leader contends there are no more than 500 blacks actively involved.  Atlanta Boy Scout officials are being accused of:

a.violating federal government policies

b.demonstrating the “move it or lose it” syndrome

c.engaging in unintentional unethical behavior

d.acting as ethical ombudsmen

e.acting as whistleblowers

5.__________ is unethical behavior that violates organizational norms about right and wrong.

a.Workplace deviance

b.Organizational deviance

c.Social irresponsibility

d.Social deviance

e.An ethical dilemma

6.__________ is unethical behavior that hurts the quality and quantity of work produced.

a.Political deviance

b.Personal aggression

c.Organizational irresponsibility

d.TQM deviance

e.Production deviance

7.__________ is unethical behavior aimed at the organization’s property or products.

a.Political deviance

b.Personal aggression

c.Production deviance

d.Property deviance

e.Political aggression

8.Workplace deviance can be categorized by how deviant the behavior is and: the behavior was motivated

b.where the motivation occurred

c.the target of the deviant behavior

d.the intent of the violator

e.organizational norms

9.Doug has a low-paying job for a telecommunications company. Every day when he goes home from work, Doug puts a headset, a stapler, or something similar in his lunch box and takes it with him. Doug sees nothing wrong with his behavior since he feels inadequately paid. Which of the following describes Doug’s actions?

a.Doug is engaged in production deviance.

b.Doug is justified in his actions under the principle of distributive justice.

c.Doug is engaged in sweethearting.

d.Doug is engaged in property deviance.

e.Doug is doing nothing unethical because he is not directly harming any person.

10.In terms of the types of workplace deviance, a serious infraction targeted at the organization, rather than particular people in the workplace, would be categorized as: deviance

b.organizational irresponsibility

c.cultural deviance

d.personal aggression

e.political deviance



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