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1._________________Most managers spend less than 20 percent of their time communicating with others.

2._________________Company recruiters consistently rate effective communication as one of the more important skills they seek for when hiring new employees.

3._________________As organizations grow, communication problems generally increase.

4._________________Communication takes place within the business itself and also between the business and outside audiences.

5._________________Encoding occurs when the sender translates its meaning into understandable terms and a form that allows transmission through a chosen channel.

6._________________Business people in high-context cultures prefer direct, straight to the point interactions.

1._________________Formal communication channels within the organization generally follow the chain of command.

2._________________ In general, nonverbal cues have a far greater impact on communication than many people realize.

3._________________The grapevine is an unreliable mode of communication that companies should try to avoid.

4._________________Oral communication can include meetings, voice mail, telephone conversations, and videoconferences.

5._________________Gestures, facial expressions, posture, and body language generally have little impact on the meaning derived from oral communication.

6._________________Employee surveys and suggestion boxes are examples of  upward communication channels.

1.What is external communication?

2.What is the first thing a company should do when a public crisis occurs?

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