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1.How can a person determine his or her personal ethical code? What is your personal ethical code? What forces have helped build your personal code of ethics? (Bloom’s: comprehension, application)

3.Where are the boundaries between personal ethics and business ethics? Are there rules to indicate where one begins and the other ends? Should there be? (Bloom’s: application, evaluation)

4.How does a corporation’s responsibility to shareholders to produce a profit interact with its social responsibility? Name several areas of possible conflict and analyze them from both a short-term and long-term view. (Bloom’s: application, analysis)

5.What is your college’s or university’s code of conduct?Does your school have an academic honesty policy?If not these codes, what policies are in place that set expectations for behaviour, and attempt to create a fair and ethical environment?Do you feel that most students and most employees follow these policies?What behaviour violates academic integrity?What happens if you are accused of violating policy?(Bloom’s: comprehension, analysis, synthesis)

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