1.Global business: the buying and selling of goods and services

Question : 1.Global business: the buying and selling of goods and services


1.Global business: the buying and selling of goods and services to people from different countries

b.includes any sale of goods and services

c.only involves companies with more than 50 employees

d.refers to sales made to people from different cultures, different regions, and different nations unregulated

2.____ is a method of investment in which a company builds a new business or buys an existing business in a foreign country.

a.A strategic alliance

b.Direct foreign investment

c.A global new venture

d.A joint venture

e.Direct exporting

3.Which of the following countries has the largest direct foreign investment in the United States?





e.United Kingdom

4.Nestlé is a company based in Switzerland with manufacturing plants in Columbia, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Kenya, and more than 90 other nations. Nestlé is an example of a:

a.multidomestic global company

b.multinational corporation

c.ethnocentric organization

d.acculturated corporation


5.Several Arab countries boycott Coca-Cola products because the soft-drink company maintains product distributors in Israel. This boycott is an example of:




d.a trade barrier


6.The two general kinds of trade barriers are:

a.government import standards and industry import standards

b.qualitative and quantitative barriers

c.voluntary and involuntary barriers

d.nationalistic and geocentric barriers

e.tariff barriers and nontariff barriers

7.Protectionism is the use of trade barriers to protect local companies and their workers from: unions

b.foreign competition

c.trademark infringements

d.patent violations

e.all of these

8.After years of flooding international markets with surplus milk products, the European Union, under heavy pressure from member nations, has curtailed its $59 billion annual subsidy system for its dairies.  This curtailment of subsidies means: end to tariff barriers

b.European dairy farmers will no longer be protected from international competition

c.dairy products will be given a new customs classification

d.government import standards on dairy products will end end to voluntary export restraints

9.The Japanese government has proclaimed that its snow is different from that found in any other region of the world. As a result, all snow skis marketed in Japan must be manufactured in Japan. This is an example of a(n):


b.nontariff barrier

c.import boycott

d.industry subsidy

e.industry nationalization

10.The U.S. Rice Millers’ Association claims that if the Japanese rice market were opened to imports by lowering tariffs, the resultant lower prices would save Japanese consumers about $6 billion annually. The Japanese government continues to use the high tariffs to make sure local farmers can earn a living. The tariff on rice is an example of:

a.a voluntary government restriction



d.a security quota

e.a bureaucratic subsidy



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