1.As a class project, Senora working with other classmates to

Question : 1.As a class project, Senora working with other classmates to


1.As a class project, Senora is working with other classmates to create a company that would market NASCAR memorabilia. Her teacher has instructed Senora to use the traditional approach to create the organization’s structure. What should Senora do?

a.create an organizational structure with vertical and horizontal configurations

b.use an organizational process to create a matrix design

c.create a virtual organization

d.use the organizational structure to control creativity

e.create a matrix structure that will adhere to the unity of command principle

2.____ is the collection of activities that transforms inputs into outputs that customers value.



c.Organizational structure

d.Production positioning

e.Organizational process

3.The organizational process:

a.defines roles not activities

b.limits the adaptivity of an organization

c.uses vertical and horizontal departmentalization a traditional method for establishing organizational structures the collection of activities that transform inputs into outputs that customers value

4.While ____ emphasizes jobs and their authority relationships, ____ emphasizes the activities through which work gets done in the organization.

a.departmentalization; functionalization

b.organizational process; organizational structure

c.interorganizational process; intraorganizational process

d.intraorganizational process; interorganizational process

e.organizational structure; organizational process

5.____ departmentalization is defined as organizing work and workers into separate units responsible for particular business functions or areas of expertise.






6.Kimberly-Clark is subdivided into organizational units called Kimberly-Clark Health Care, which provides products to hospitals, Kimberly-Clark Professional, which sells to businesses, and Kimberly-Clark Consumer, which sells the company’s products to customers. From this information, you know that Kimberly-Clark uses:

a.hierarchical functionalization


c.a nonlinear organizational structure

d.a product layout

e.product formatting

7.As a consequence of the Industrial Revolution and its emphasis on specialization, institutions providing higher education developed strict departments that contained specialized functions to enhance the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge. Institutions providing higher education have traditionally used:




d.functional empowerment

e.job dissemination

8.____ is a general term that refers to subdividing work and workers into separate organizational units that are responsible for completing particular tasks.

a.Organizational layout

b.Organizational process


d.Job formatting


9.Which of the following types of departmentalization does NOT have a problem with the duplication of resources?


b.geographic and matrix

c.product and customer

d.customer and functional


10.Which of the following statements about functional departmentalization is true?

a.Functional departmentalization allows work to be done by highly qualified specialists.

b.Functional departmentalization increases costs by reducing duplication.

c.Functional departmentalization complicates communication and coordination for departmental managers.

d.Functional departmentalization requires the same kinds of functional departments in any company.

e.Functional departmentalization is also called free-form specialization.



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