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1.An organization that has __________ has the assets, capabilities, processes, information, and knowledge that an organization uses to improve its effectiveness and efficiency, to create and sustain competitive advantage, and to fulfill a need or solve a problem.

a.grand strategies

b.distinctive competencies

c.competitive advantages


e.strategic stances

2.In 2010, Apple fans waited outside stores in anticipation of the release of the iPad, the latest device in a series of innovations that have had phenomenal sales. Other firms have launched similar devices, but Apple’s customers perceive its products to be better designed. Apple devices seem to have a:

a.strategic stance

b.synergistic role

c.competitive advantage

d.competitive window

e.differential challenge

3.Author J. K. Rowling has had phenomenal sales with her Harry Potter books. Others have attempted to write similar books, but Rowling’s audience perceives hers to be better written and more enjoyable.  Rowling’s Harry Potter series has a:

a.strategic stance

b.synergistic role

c.competitive advantage

d.competitive window

e.differential challenge

4.A situational analysis for a manufacturer of pet food might reveal:

a.a growing dog and cat population in the United States

b.scientific research that indicates dogs need less calcium in their diet

c.a less expensive, more nutritious imported brand of pet food

d.a growing demand for gourmet pet food

e.all of these

5.A sustainable competitive advantage exists for an organization when other companies have tried unsuccessfully to duplicate the advantage and:

a.those companies have been prohibited from duplicating the advantage by federal law

b.those companies have, for the moment, stopped trying to duplicate the advantage

c.the organization is able to implement exclusive distribution

d.the organization operates in the international marketplace

e.the organization has a follower strategic stance

6.A(n) __________ resource is a resource that is not controlled or possessed by many competing firms.


b.imperfectly imitable


d.strategically dissonant


7.A(n) __________ is a resource that is impossible or extremely costly or difficult for other firms to duplicate.


b.imperfectly imitable


d.strategically dissonant


8.There are numerous competitive brands of cosmetics, perfumes, hair-care, and skin-care products on the market.  One such brand is Aveda.  To differentiate its products from other similar brand, Aveda focuses on educating its customers on general skin and hair care.  Its salespeople are trained to answer questions and help customers find solutions.  Aveda has used customer education and employee training to:

a.create synergy through relationship marketing

b.prevent product duplication

c.make efficient use of imitable resources

d.eliminate the need for nonsubstitutable resources

e.create a competitive advantage

9.Top-Flite manufactures Strata golf balls and prices these balls at about three times what ordinary golf balls costs. The Strata ball is selling exceptionally well because customers perceive the ball’s patented three-layer construction to improve handling and increase distance.  The patent on these golf balls gives Top-Flite a(n):

a.sustainable competitive advantage

b.aggregate marketing strategy

c.reliable differentiation

d.strategic stance

e.differential stance

10.While QVC was not the first home shopping television show, it has become the most successful.  The company has had a 14 percent growth rate since 1996.  The company attributes its success to its inimitable ability to blend entertainment and retailing. This ability gives QVC:

a.a strategic orientation

b.a value-based advantage

c.strategic myopia

d.a sustainable competitive advantage

e.diversification capabilities



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