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1.A small number of people with complementary skills who perform the day-to-daywork of the organization make up a(n) ________________________________

2.________________ is the extent to which team members are attracted to the team and motivated to remain part of it.

3.________________represents the differences in ability, experience, personality, or any other factor on a team.

4.Teams can experience ________________ where there is an antagonistic interaction between parties.

5.A small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, approach, and set of performance standards is known as a(n) ________________

6. Temporary combinations of workers who gather to solve a specific problem and then disband are known as ________________

7.When communication occurs outside formally authorized channels without regardfor the organization’s hierarchy of authority, this is called ________________

8.________________ involves the meaningful exchange of information through messages.

9.Groups of geographically or organizationally dispersed coworkers who use a combination of telecommunications and information technologies to accomplish an organizational task are known as a ________________

10.When communication flows through the chain of command, the ________________ is in use.

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