19.3   Short Answer 1) Inputs to a function known as ________. 2)

Question : 19.3   Short Answer 1) Inputs to a function known as ________. 2) : 1907257

19.3   Short Answer

1) Inputs to a function are known as ________.

2) The ________ is the algorithm written in a programming language.

3) A(n) ________ is a programming structure with a name, optional parameter list, and a definition that encapsulates an algorithm.

4) Variables declared inside a function are ________ in scope.

5) ________ a function is asking the computer to run or execute the statements of the function to produce the answers.

6) The ________ function in JavaScript returns the integer portion of a number.

7) JavaScript uses the <input…/> tag for both input and ________ text boxes.

8) Functions that are written so they can be reused in other ________ are considered building blocks.

9) The function ________ is used in JavaScript to convert numbers into printable form.

10) A function is declared by writing its function ________.

11) ________ is the JavaScript function used to return the current date and time in as a number.

12) Function names should begin with a(n) ________.

13) Joining several components together, e.g., ( '<tr style="background-color : #00ccff ">' +

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