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191.Once a company has restructured a firm to be more competitive in today's market, it alleviates the need to scan the external environment.

192.The virtual corporation does all its business online with partners considered a permanent part of the network.

193.The Social Media in Business box titled, “When Twitter and Facebook Are Old School,” discusses the lifecycle of social media and predicts that this media will lose its appeal when businesses realize it is not adding to the bottom line.

194.Cardinal Foods is a wholesaler serving grocery stores. High tech communications allows Cardinal to work closely with its suppliers and customers in real time. Networking allows these organizations to operate more efficiently.

195.In order to improve services to customers, Northwest Electric, a regional monopoly recently rated their company's processes and products against the results achieved by the world's best at similar processes and products. Northwest Electric has adopted a policy of international standardization.

196.The Nutmeg Soccer Club outsourced its accounting work. This suggests that management at Nutmeg does not believe that accounting is one of the firm's core competencies.

197.Last week at Happy Trails Financial Services Company, all financial advisors who each serve more than 150 clients received a notice from the VP of Operations that every client's investment portfolio should consist of 50% individual stock purchases, 25% bonds, and 25% property. Advisors were ordered to review all client portfolios for compliance to this directive. Clearly, Happy Trails is an inverted organization because management directives such as the one described are very common.

198.Milton Learning Centers is a private firm specializing in helping students with learning problems. Located around the country, each center employs a manager and several tutors and counselors. The counselors and tutors have a great deal of flexibility to design programs specifically for individual students. In fact, these first-line employees are considered to be the key people in the organization, and the manager's main function is to assist these employees in matters such as scheduling and securing necessary materials. This type of arrangement suggests that Milton is an inverted organization.

199.Jason is a self-employed patent attorney. These days he is seldom without work. Large corporations hire him on an as-need basis to review prospective ideas and help with securing patents for a variety of inventions including surgical instruments, medicines, and high tech gadgets. Once he secures a contract, he knows approximately how many weeks or months he will work. Jason works for virtual corporations.

200.Ben was confident that sports fans would fill the seats in his brewery restaurant after major league baseball games if they just knew about the place - after all, he offered convenience, easy walking distance, great local talent for entertainment and several fresh premium brews. He decided to join social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and offer wireless services and lunch for afternoon customers. These are worthy strategies for reaching digital natives.



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