176. In the context of the cerebral cortex, severing the

Question : 176. In the context of the cerebral cortex, severing the : 1411881


176. In the context of the cerebral cortex, severing the corpus callosum reduces seizures in epileptic patients.

177. One of the ways in which the endocrine system differs from the nervous system is that the endocrine system works more quickly than the nervous system.

178. The pancreas is a dual-purpose gland under the stomach that performs both digestive and endocrine functions.

179. In the context of the brain’s capacity for repair, collateral sprouting is the process by which new neurons are generated.

180. Chromosomes, the units of hereditary information, are short gene segments composed of DNA.

181. In the context of genetics and behavior, the dominant-recessive genes principle implies that the dominant gene prevents the recessive gene from expressing its instructions.

182. In the context of genes and the environment, an organism’s genotype can change over the course of its lifespan.

183. Stressors refer to those circumstances and events that threaten individuals and tax their coping abilities.

184. Paul rushes to his office to attend an important meeting. This is an example of chronic stress.

185. Acute stress is the stress that occurs in response to an immediate perceived threat.



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