16.2   Multiple Choice 1) What happens when Firefox encounters an error

Question : 16.2   Multiple Choice 1) What happens when Firefox encounters an error : 1907248

16.2   Multiple Choice

1) What happens when Firefox encounters an error in a Web page?

A) The error is displayed in the Error Console.

B) An error dialog box is shown.

C) They are displayed on the Status Bar.

D) The browser window closes.

2) An XML stylesheet is specified for an XML file using the tag:

A) <$stylesheet…>

B) <?xml-stylesheet…>

C) <##style…>

D) <xml-stylesheet…>

3) Style information:

A) tells the browser how to display a markup language like XML

B) in HTML can be included in an external file with a .css extension

C) in XML can be included in an external file with .xsl as the file extension

D) all of the above

4) An XSL file includes:

A) the standard XML tag at the end of the file

B) XML tags throughout the file

C) XHTML tags

D) all of the above

5) Which statement is incorrect?

A) Relational databases can record irregular data that XML databases cannot.

B) Relational databases use queries to display information we want to see.

C) Relational databases are much more structured than XML databases.

D) All statements are correct.

6) A transformer:

A) converts all tags in the XML file to HTML

B) is part of the browser software

C) matches the XML tag to its template in the XSL file

D) all of the above

7) Templates:

A) describe how the information is to look without actually having the information

B) are part of the XML database file

C) use JavaScript in describing how the information is to be displayed

D) must be included for every tag used in the XML database file

8) In the XSL specification, the <xsl:apply-templates/> tag:

A) is required in all templates

B) requests processing of the items within the template tags

C) requires a closing tag

D) all of the above

9) A template for a video source:

A) for one video will generally work for all other video sources

B) containing an attribute without an equal sign and some value in quotes does not require modification

C) replaces the URL copied from the iframe text with the "{@url}" reference

D) all of the above

10) The incremental design process:

A) is very useful in creating simple databases

B) uses a strategy of adding tags and templates one at a time

C) begins with creating an initial entry in the database

D) all of the above

16.3   Short Answer

1) A(n) ________ description converts XML data into HTML so that it can be displayed on the screen using a browser.

2) An .xsl file contains a series of rules called ________ that are used to format the information enclosed in XML tags.

3) The <xsl:apply-templates/> tag in the XSL specification file is a stand-alone tag that means “now ________ whatever is inside this tag.”

4) By placing a tag attribute reference in ________ in the XSL code, we cause the tag attribute’s value from the XML to be placed inside the quotes specifying the file source

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