16.1   True/False 1) In an XSL file, the <xsl:stylesheet...> tag the

Question : 16.1   True/False 1) In an XSL file, the <xsl:stylesheet...> tag the : 1907247

16.1   True/False

1) In an XSL file, the <xsl:stylesheet...> tag is the root element and must be closed with the </xsl:stylesheet> at the end of the file.

2) The root element is the Collective tag enclosing all items in an XML file.

3) When writing XML, a word processing program, e.g., Microsoft Word, should be used so that color coding will be added automatically to help verify the structure.

4) An XML file uses XHTML to describe how the information in the XSL file is to be displayed.

5) The XSL file includes at least two templates for each tag in the XML tree.

6) An <html> tag with no attributes is correct when used in XSL templates.

7) As the transformer is processing an XML file, anything that it finds that is not a tag—that is, the actual data—it puts directly into the HTML definition.

8) In creating an XML database using an incremental approach, the first step would be developing tags and templates.

9) When considering the design of the XML, we must specify different data for each type of content.

10) In the XSL file, the @ symbol is the XSL reference to the tag attribute of the XML tag.

11) In the XSL file, the <pic> tag is a stand-alone tag that requires the <xsl:apply-templates/> tag.

12) If the transformer encounters a tag in the XML file that does not have a matching template in the XSL file, the information will not be displayed on the page.

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