16) The lithosphere defined as ________. A) a rigid layer of

Question : 16) The lithosphere defined as ________. A) a rigid layer of : 2086507

16) The lithosphere is defined as ________.

A) a rigid layer of crustal and mantle material

B) a rocky layer composed mainly of crustal rocks

C) a plastic layer composed mainly of mantle material

D) a rocky layer having a relatively uniform chemical composition

17) The dense core of Earth is thought to consist predominantly of ________.

A) iron B) copper C) nickel D) lead

18) Which one of the following is TRUE regarding tsunamis?

A) They occur in the open ocean, wavelengths are many miles or kilometers and wave heights are only a few feet.

B) They are started by fault-induced, horizontal shifts in the seafloor that suddenly propel great masses of water in opposite directions.

C) They travel as deep-water waves at speeds greater than surface seismic waves but slower than S waves.

D) Their wave heights decrease and wavelengths increase as they move into shallower water.

19) Approximately how much more energy is released in a 6.5 Moment Magnitude earthquake than in one with Mw of 5.5?

A) 3000 times B) 300 times C) 30 times D) 3 times

20) The mechanism by which rocks store and eventually release energy in the form of an earthquake is termed ________.

A) fault displacement B) stress fracture

C) elastic rebound D) seismic rebound



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